Founded in the early 1980s, the company's vision is to integrate commercial activities with PR and promotion work for European designers in Japan.

Depending on clients’ specifications and requests, we can customize our services. We can act in the role of any of the following - as a commercial agent, a representative office, or complete management of the brand's licenses portfolio.

Apart from assisting on the commercial side of the brand's approach to Japan, we link PR and promotional activities to enhance the visibility and presence of the brand in the market.


The company was created with the vision to integrate commercial activities with PR and promotion work for European designers in Japan.

Depending on our clients’ specifications and requests, TFC offers the following services:

Commercial Agent

We work as an agent for designers looking to maintain direct communication with their Japanese clients. Our teams sell the collections in Paris or Milan (and sometimes Tokyo), and the flow of revenue and products are handled directly with the client to ensure the keeping of a reasonable retail price policy for these high-end brands.

Representative Office

We help European companies find a partner for the distribution of their collections in Japan and manage the flow of the business on a daily basis
(including control of distribution, flow of buying, coordination, etc.)

We also act as a consultancy agency, taking care of all the management of subsidiaries and the business development in Japan through its wholesale and retail activities.

License Coordination

We take care of the license portfolio of European brands to help them achieve better product development and distribution, as well as seek out new partners.

We pursue the negotiation of the contracts, assist with the writing, and manage the products and distribution process to maintain the brand’s prestige and coherence across product lines.

PR & Promotion

We have a dedicated team for press work. Our team can also plan for events and promotional activities for the brand, assembling and supervising the professionals required to execute the plan.

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We ensure the execution of routine press activities (editorials, interviews, press open days, organization of Japanese press attendance at the shows in Paris or Milan). We have also expanded our activities to include exploring alternative promotion vectors such as more extensive use of the Internet (web media,blogs and social networks).

We have a team assembled to carry out any and all aspects of the logistics of store-oriented events to be held for brands. In addition, with the help of key external partners, we are in a position to propose our clients highly creative ideas for large-scale promotional events.



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